Literacy Strategies for Students with Disabilities

Language Comprehension: Vocabulary

A teacher helping a middle school student with downs syndrome use a microscope.
  • Marzano's Six Steps for Teaching Academic Vocabulary is a process for teaching vocabulary that includes instructional activities that help students understand and recall the information at a later date.

    Strategies that Help Students Remember Vocabulary Marilee Sprenger suggests three stages of building long term memory to take into consideration when teaching vocabulary: Encoding, Storage and Retrieval.

    Beck, McKowen, and Kucan suggest a process for Selecting Words to Explicitly Teach vocabulary. They suggest we analyze words in the text and sort possible vocabulary words into three tiers.

    The Frayer Model is a graphic organizer that helps students build vocabulary and background knowledge.

    Webbing helps students make connections and create relationships among words and associate words with one another. This strategy supports storage of vocabulary in long-term memory.
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